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I have created a Sprite Sheet Make. I added it to sourceforge, but they demanded the source and I forgot and it was deleted.

What it does:

Specify the square width of height of each sprite frame.
Specify how many rows and columns.
Specify the color of the grid lines.
Click Create. You now have a sprite sheet(blank) in (Save Button)png.

I have A zombie sprite in a folder with her walk animations ( 13 different files ).
I chose the row ( in my case row 0 is the first row. I should change it to 1 index ) then click “Insert Row of Sprites”.
I choose all of the sprites for the row. ( I keep all files per row in one folder. )
I click “Open” ( Shift or Ctrl will select multiple ).
The program now inserts all of them into the middle of each square.
Save the file to start gaming.

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